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Our Response to COVID-19

IMPACT/ChimSeto CPAs are carefully monitoring the current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Our top priority is to keep clients, employees and business partners vigilant, healthy, and safe by implementing the appropriate measures as new information emerges. We have strengthened our existing Business Continuity Plan and aim to perform regular business functions that may otherwise be disrupted by COVID-19. We currently have measures in place to support our employees and clients.

We have implemented the following measures:

  • Enhancing our business continuity plans to minimize disruption in our daily operations

  • Cancelling all non-essential travel

  • Disinfecting office common areas

  • Offering and restocking hand sanitizing stations

  • Setting up remote working capabilities for potential rotating employees work from home

  • Social distancing initiatives such as keeping a safe distance from employees and clients

  • Limiting visitors from our offices by:

    • Setting up a drop-off box for their taxes and year end documents (use paper envelopes not plastic bags)

    • Asking clients to use our portal at:

    • Holding more client meetings via audio or video conferencing

  • Encouraging clients to pay by email transfers to limit person to person contact

  • Implementing a no handshake policy

  • Self-quarantine, if necessary

We will continue to monitor and evaluate the ongoing situation and keep our best practices in place while communicating to our clients, employees and business partners. It is important that everyone remains resilient to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and follow the guidance of public health agencies:

  • WHO

  • Government of Canada Travel Advisories

  • Ontario Ministry of Health

For any inquiries, please contact

我們會計師事務所對新冠狀病毒 COVID-19 的回應: 加強業務連續性計劃, 取消所有非必要出差, 消 毒辦公室公共區域, 提供手工消毒站, 建立遠端工作能力, 員工客戶保持安全距離, 限制訪客來辦公 室 (同時設定纸质投遞箱, 使用我們的portal, 和召開更多的客戶語音會議), 通過電子郵件轉帳支付, 贯彻不握手原則, 如有必要自我隔離, 等。感謝大家的支持!


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